WIRELESS INTERNET AVAILABLE TO HOME AND BUSINESS . We offer wireless internet from our tower to your home or office. Connection speed between our equipment range from 150Mbps up to 300Mbps. © Linecast.co.za 2016 ICASA Registered NO ADSL REQUIRED UNCAPPED INTERNET Fast internet speeds with low (ping) response rate Streaming youtube videos and movies Internet and VOIP services provided Value added services Always on services 24/7 Support Fast technical response
OFFICE MOBILE NUMBER +27 83 760 5358 OFFICE MOBILE NUMBER: +27 83 760 5358
LTE PACKAGES - NO CONTRACT (All packages consist of ANYTIME DATA) 40GB (Hard cap) - R700 100GB (Hard cap) - R1100 200GB (Hard cap) - R2100 400GB (Hard cap) - R4200 600GB (Hard cap) - R6400 1000GB (Hard cap) - R8400 Multi-sims can be used on the 100GB - 1000GB to share the broadband. HARD CAP YOUR USAGE OR LIMIT YOUR KIDS INTERNET USAGE Limit your data usage or allocate only certain amount of broadband to your kids by using our stocked routers. Contact us to find out more... Desktop Router Mobile Router You use your own LTE router or you can buy one from us. Contact us ASAP if you want to have fast internet speed on this limited offer PLEASE NOTE: OUR SERVICE IS ONLY AVAILABLE IN SOUTH AFRICA